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Tracey Lindberg
her first novel

Praise for

“Birdie roars with life. Tracey Lindberg weaves a gripping account of a painful journey. Her heroine Bernice is by turns lyrical and brutal, gripping and insightful. An uncompromising first novel.”

Award-winning author of Monkey Beach and Blood Sports


“This is a gritty, articulate, beautifully written novel, and Lindberg is a powerful new voice on the literary landscape and on the road to decolonization.”

Award-winning author of Halfbreed


“A stunning debut novel, grounded in the sheer beauty of Cree poetics, love, and a benevolence few of us are lucky enough to know. The brilliance of Indigenous women dances off each page—this story is our story, so carefully woven together into a tapestry that is the spine of our collective beings. I see myself, my family and my life in every sentence. This is the novel Canada has been waiting for.”

Award-winning author of Island of Decolonial Love

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Jacket illustration: Detail from Modern Girl, Traditional Mind Set by George Littlechild, an artist and author of the Cree Nation. 2010.

49" x 39". Mixed media on paper.


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